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11 Traditional Hanukkah Foods Everyone Should Eat in 2022


Latke is also known as potato pancake and as you can imagine, pancake shaped and lightly fried, is traditionally made from mashed potatoes.

Beef Brisket

Because Hanukkah falls during the colder months, beef brisket is a warm and delicious meal. Prepared in a Dutch oven or roaster, beef brisket is often served as a main dish.

Roast Chicken

Brisket is another familiar main course to be served at Hanukkah gatherings in addition to Golden Brown Roast Chicken for those who cannot eat beef.


Kugel is an egg noodle pudding or casserole commonly served as a side dish at Hanukkah festivities. the best part? The traditional food can be made both savory or sweet.

Matzo ball soup

Matzo balls are soup dumplings typically made from matzo meal, eggs, water and a fat such as butter, chicken fat or oil.


This pastry that's sweet on the inside is a deli-staple treat that's usually formed into a triangle shape and served as a Hanukkah dessert.


Jelly-filled donuts are a delicious dessert that's hard not to eat on Hanukkah. The treat is usually filled with jelly or custard, deep fried, and then coated with powdered sugar.


This braided masterpiece is a staple at Jewish festivals, especially Hanukkah. Dough is often made from ingredients such as eggs, water, butter, yeast, salt, sugar, and oil.

Hanukkah Gelt

These chocolate coins are not only a favorite of kids, but adults also love to collect and eat them, especially if they have a particularly competitive streak.


Dishes can double as an appetizer or snack and fillings usually include mashed potatoes or cheese. Other options include sweet potatoes, spinach and beans.

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