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KFC Is Releasing a 'Gravy Lovers' Chicken Sandwich Just in Time for Thanksgiving

With or without improved gravy, Thanksgiving wouldn't be the same. In order to capitalize on the holiday season, KFC is expanding on its original chicken sandwich idea.

The chain's renowned hand-breaded chicken is piled high with Monterey jack cheese, creamy mayo, and an indented hash brown on a lightly toasted potato bun in the limited-edition Gravy Lovers Sandwich. 

According to Fast Food Post, it comes with, you guessed it, a side of gravy.

According to the outlet, the indented hash brown functions as a bowl so you can fill it with gravy and let it pour out onto the sides of the sandwich. Kind of brilliant, no?

I do have something to tell you now that I've given you the good news. Only in Canada is the Gravy Lovers Sandwich available.

The limited-edition sandwich costs $10.80 CAD, which is equivalent to $8.08 USD. However, if you're going all the way to Canada, we'd suggest spending a little extra on the combo.

For $9.71 USD, you can purchase the Gravy Lovers Sandwich with fries and a normal drink.

For $11.95 USD, the Gravy Lovers Sandwich Box Meal goes a step farther and includes the sandwich with gravy, popcorn chicken, fries, salad, one normal drink, and one dip.

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