Seven fast-food chains open on Christmas Day

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Most McDonald's locations will be open for business on Christmas Day, though many will have reduced hours, so check with your local Golden Arches location before heading out for that Egg McMuffin or Big Mac.

Burger King

Although most BK locations will have reduced hours on December 25, most Burger King locations are open for business over Christmas.


Like most major burger chains you will see open on Christmas Day, most Wendy's restaurants will, as their site says, have their lights on this Christmas.


A Christmas donut and cup of coffee are on hand, provided you have a Dunkin' pass, as this beloved pastry, coffee, and breakfast sandwich shop will be open on Christmas Day.


In need of an even stronger Christmas coffee fix than Dunkin'? Not to worry most of Starbucks locations are open most days on Christmas Day to have extra large lattes on the tables.

7 Eleven

Here Hot dogs, pizza slices, burritos, endless snacks, sodas and Slurpees are available on 12/25 as almost every 7-Eleven location will be open on Christmas Day.

Sonic Drive-In

Most Sonic location are open on the Christmas Day so you can get your wacky frozen drink fix, a grilled cheese sandwich, an oversize hot dog, or whatever else you fancy from this classic fast-food spot .

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