Top 10 Christmas Cookies

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Gingerbread Men Cookies

Cookies shaped like gingerbread men would be a must-have on any holiday treat platter! I'm happy to share this tried-and-true recipe with you.

Jeweled Coconut Drops

When I bake these shaped cookies for my husband and two sons, they never last long and are great for potlucks and cookie exchanges.

Peppermint Meltaways

On a cookie platter, this recipe for peppermint meltaways looks very festive and pretty.

Buttery Spritz Cookies

It's enjoyable to shape these spritz cookies into a variety of festive shapes because the dough is simple to work with.

Whipped Shortbread

These Christmas cookies are whipped shortbread, and they melt in your mouth. I usually make them around the holidays, but I'll also make them all year long for ladies' teas and bridal showers.

Rum Balls

These conventional no-bake rum balls have a nice rum flavor.

Vanilla-Butter Sugar Cookies

One of my favorite Christmas cookie recipes is for these butter sugar cookies.

Cranberry-White Chocolate Cookies

One of my favorite holiday recipes is for these cookies. I make a big batch before the holidays and freeze them.

Scottish Shortbread

Along with other beloved recipes, my mother, who is of Scottish descent, passed this shortbread recipe on to me.

Dipped Gingersnaps

Adding white chocolate to beloved gingersnaps makes them even more special. — Utahn Laura Kimball, West Jordan

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