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Warm Up with a Slow Cooker Tequila Hot Toddy

My location is experiencing chilly, rainy, and damp weather.

Since it's the middle of December and all, I suppose it's okay, but a bit extra warmth too much to ask? This kind of climate makes you want a Hot Toddy.

The classic winter beverage is a hot toddy, which is made with whiskey, honey, and various spices. It's occasionally mixed with tea as well, and it was thought to aid in healing.

Sticks of cinnamon are required in this recipe. Make sure the ones you purchase are of food-grade quality. This brand of cinnamon sticks is excellent.

This 7 qt slow cooker from Crock Pot will definitely serve you well if you don't have a spare. It is also incredibly inexpensive.

A contemporary take on the traditional Hot Toddy cocktail. Make a large quantity in the slow cooker and keep it warm all night for everyone. It's the ideal celebration beverage.

Simply combine the ingredients, then let it run! As a bonus, while this Crockpot Hot Toddy is simmering away, your home will smell simply lovely.

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