Why Is It So Hard To Find Out Where Popeyes Serves Breakfast?

Burger King, Wendy's, McDonald's, Popeyes. What do these fast-food chains share? Maybe they've all attempted to make the best chicken sandwich. These establishments serve breakfast, which you probably didn't know.

Of course, you may already be familiar with the Egg McMuffin from McDonald's, the croissant sandwich from Burger King, and the breakfast-themed burgers and dinners from Wendy's.

Furthermore, when it comes to Popeyes, you probably know them better for their chicken tenders and biscuits than for their breakfast sandwiches. Unexpectedly, the fried chicken franchise has often tried out a morning menu, initially debuting one in North Carolina in 2013.

If Popeyes' Full Menu is to be believed, the breakfast menu's offerings range from "country-fried" sirloin, grits, and, of course, chicken since it is still a Popeyes, to sandwiches built with the chain's renowned biscuits.

Your local Popeyes may not sell grits, hash browns, or biscuit sandwiches. Popeyes' breakfast menu isn't offered countrywide, unlike McDonald's or Wendy's.

If you've ever gone to an airport, you know the food court serves pizza and sandwiches. Popeyes has a few airport sites where you may get their breakfast menu, per Huffington Post.

For instance, a Popeyes outlet in the Raleigh-Durham International Airport offers buttermilk biscuit sandwiches for a light breakfast, while a Popeyes outlet in the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport opens bright and early at 7 a.m.

Popeyes doesn't serve breakfast everywhere. What's stopping them from serving it nationwide if it's served in airports? Wouldn't offering a morning sandwich worldwide put Popeyes ahead? Maybe Popeyes doesn't need a breakfast menu.

The fast-food chain's chicken, biscuits, and Cajun sides are already popular. Why fix the unbroken? Popeyes told a Twitter user, "Any sandwich is a breakfast sandwich if you have the bravery."

Of course, anything is possible in the year 2020, so it's still entirely possible that Popeyes will eventually offer their breakfast menu at all of their locations.

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